Devblog 9


We’re so sorry for not getting an update out in the last couple of weeks, so to make up for it, we’ll show off quite a lot in this week’s devblog!



Some basic options have been implemented for the game! Things like volume, mouse sensitivity, invert Y, etc are in and functional now. The keybind implementation is still a work in progress, but it shouldn’t take much to finish it up.


Game Over

You can return back to the title screen after you die now. It’ll definitely be expanded, but it’s there for now.



Currently, we’re adding some meshes on a separate layer for the camera to render, but for now, a minimap camera has been setup to show the area around you.



Another pass has been done on the inventory UI, allowing you to see the description of items and organize it.


Status Effects

Status effects from various sources are now properly displayed below the health of the player.



Scripted events are working now, allowing us to move the camera around regardless of its position to execute the view required for the event.

A couple of bosses are working now, so here’s a preview of one using the cutscene functionality.

[url=]Cutscene Preview[/url]



You can find delicious and not so delicious food inside the dungeon occasionally now.



An ominous shop contains a lot of items…



Most actions now are tied down to a sound effect, and ambience noise as well as background music will play accordingly to the situations you encounter.


Persistent Progress

We’ve done a small refactor on the player scripts, moving some more stuff into a separate data holder. This allowed us to keep certain items and stats when entering and loading different floors (scenes) in the game. As well, a caching system for pathfinding allows the game to load much faster if the area has been loaded before.

That’s all! Feel free to leave any comments and feedback below!

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