Devblog 2

Dungeon-Escape - SRC FP DunGen Rooms Setup - Camera Fly - 2016-08-21 13-06-42 - 1920x1080x1

Here’s our second update, and more to come – we’ve been making quite a bit of progress that we’re excited to share!


Inside the mysterious dungeon, different forms of currency are littered around. The gold may be used to purchase items within from the various shops around, while crystals can be used to improve your character permanently.

Doing some shopping in the game:


In the previous builds of the game, it was somewhat difficult to die as long as the player stayed far away from the dangerous inhabitants. Well, this is no longer the case with the addition of multiple hazards!

Here’s something particularly dangerous in action:

Fighting Back

There were multiple ways to deal with enemies (suspend them mid air, lead them into a pit of fire), however, they were perhaps a bit too situational. On your way through the dungeon, there are weapons scattered about that you can use to slay some of the inhabitants.

The poor grunt finding the sharp edge of a sword:


In the above you can see a mouse moving about – these wonders have no colliders or anything that uses the physics engine for performance, so they are great for making the environment more lively.

More mice running around:

To end this devblog, here’s some exclusive footage of the monsters trying to kill a candlestick!

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